We value responsibility, commitment and initiative. And these are not just empty words. We believe that each and every one of us can influence how the environment in his or her area looks like. That is why we support our employees in making positive impacts in their little homelands.

The Corporate Volunteering Programme supports those who wish to devote their time to actively protect the environment. The volunteering programme, like other programmes created for the employees of ENERIS, is realised in all of the ENERIS’s locations and is addressed to the employees at all levels. Whether it is support in animal shelters, conducting eco-classes for school students and nursery school pupils or gardening and renovation works in the Orphanage, we are always proud of the activities of our colleagues.

Wolontariusze w schronisku dla psów

As part of the grant program called More with ENERIS, we encouraged our employees to develop their passions by providing them with financial support. The program showed that we are an attractive and a diverse team. A new sports team was created, the banks of two rivers in the vicinity of Piła were cleaned up, and a photo exhibition was prepared. Regardless of what passion we support, we are happy to help our employees in fulfilling their dreams and ideas.

Pracownicy ENERIS podczas wolontariatu

We find the ideas of our employees to be a great inspiration for our activities. The photographic exhibition prepared as part of the Grant Programme, together with opinions and comments of our drivers and loaders, proved to be the beginning of The Wardens of the Planet campaign. The locally gathered set of photographs was presented all over Poland, while in its extended version it embellished the Sejm’s interiors.

Otwarcie wystawy w Sejmie

Out of a joint jogging passion of our colleagues from several ENERIS’s locations, the ENERIS Team has been established. Thanks to this section people from different locations have the opportunity to participate in local competitions and joint trainings. What is more, an additional section has been created, arising from an initiative of our colleague who practices nordic walking on a daily basis, which promotes this sporting activity. Not only do we train together locally, but we also support each other in maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Drużyna Nordic Walking

Our employees are our ambassadors. This conviction laid the foundations for the ENERIS Academy, which has been operating since 2015. It is addressed to our drivers, loaders and sorting plant workers and is organised each year. The EA is a series of four-hour training sessions conducted by qualified internal trainers recruited from amongst our employees. The training programme is developed in cooperation with many departments (Human Resources, Health and Safety, Procurement, Logistics, Communication), with the support of the management board. This is an opportunity not only to provide the employees with the most important information about the company in a direct way, but also to promote, among others, the principles of eco-driving, the CPR principles or the principles of cooperation with local residents, including, e.g.: savoir vivre associated with supporting the disabled.

Udzielanie pierwszej pomocy potrzebującemu

Nearly 600 people from all of the ENERIS’s locations take part in the training courses every year. These courses end with tests and knowledge competitions addressed to all of the employees. The Academy meetings also help us gather ideas and observations made by our employees. We hope that, just like so far, they will inspire us for further development of nationwide projects.