Sustainable business development, which takes into account the needs of the business as well as its surroundings, becomes the predominant business model.  

For this reason we aim to build and strengthen partnerships with companies of different business profiles. We base our cooperation on best practices, but also on innovative ideas that are tailored to the specific needs of individual entities.

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Logistic and operational services:

  • collection, transport and utilisation of solid waste, hazardous and non-hazardous;
  • comprehensive service for industrial customers;
  • summer and winter maintenance of outdoor areas;
  • services that require alpinist techniques (shovelling snow from roofs, cleaning works at heights);
  • collection and recycling of raw materials;
  • collection and management of liquid waste;
  • specialist cleaning of tanks and separators;
  • weighing waste transportation vehicles using portable axle-weighers.

Monitoring and analysis services:

  • consultancy services on the organisation of waste management;
  • monitoring levels of precipitation waters and domestic wastewater;
  • waste stream management on the client’s premises using staffing services.

Reporting services and preparation of statements:

  • aggregate information on the scope of use of the environment and statements of the fees due;
  • aggregate data about types and quantities of waste produced and methods of waste management that were used;
  • environmental impact assessment (information sheet and EIA report for a planned investment);
  • assistance in obtaining necessary decisions that are related to waste management;
  • development of waste management programmes;
  • keeping records of waste (documentation: Waste Transfer Notes and Waste Inventory Cards);
  • Preparing waste characterisation.

We focus on modern and tailor-made technical, technological and organisational solutions.

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