We are the largest recipient of municipal waste in the northern Wielkopolska region, and one of the largest employers in the city of Piła. We have been in operation since 1997 as public-private partnership, in which 60% is owned by ENERIS Ochrona Środowiska S.A. and the remaining 40% by the municipality of Piła. We provide services to institutional, commercial and individual customers.

We service 240,000 inhabitants from 19 municipalities in the Wielkopolskie, Zachodniopomorskie and Pomorskie provinces.

We have modern technical facilities, including specialised equipment, such as: dustcarts, sweepers, gantry vehicles, hookloaders, light duty vehicles (makes: MAN, Mercedes and Multikar), self-loading vehicles with HDS, vehicles to transport electrical and electronic equipment, vehicles with a loading lift, as well as snow ploughs and gritters.

We are growing our business all the time. In 2003 we were one of the first companies in the region to open a sorting plant for packaging waste. In 2011 launched the sorting plant in Kłoda for mixed municipal waste. Its maximum capacity is 70 thousand tons per year. The product of sorting this waste is preliminary alternative fuel.


The Earth and its nature is unique in the scale of the universe – let’s respect it and remember that it is unrepeatable.

I am looking forward to cooperating with you. Dariusz Mikołajczyk