Our main goal is to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Poland.

In developing and improving our environmental technologies we are supported by our research and development centres, as well as reputable technological companies that operate in Europe and on other continents. So far, ENERIS has either implemented or successfully taken part in numerous projects related to renewable energy sources and clean energy technologies, in both Europe and the US.

Our team consists of specialists in environmental technology and economics, who use state-of-the-art tools and resources. We have gained our professional expertise and experience in the course of implementing and operating a number of innovative and novel technological solutions.

In its actions, ENERIS aims to achieve the position of a trusted partner for effective management of resources and energy in municipalities and enterprises.

As a modern entity we want to be a support both in designing, implementing and operating cutting-edge technologies to protect the environment, as well as in offering satisfying business solutions for investment financing and identifying development potential in the market. We believe that Poland has great advantages for becoming an innovative economy, also in the area of environmentally-friendly technologies. We want to encourage society, our partners and customers join in the implementation of a strategy for system solutions that prevent the disposal of waste in the environment, the emission of pollutants, and over-exploitation of the Earth’s resources.

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