The ENERIS Resources Group is a modern Polish company specialising in comprehensive environmental protection and sustainable management of waste, raw materials, water, sewage, as well as renewable energy. We are a trusted partner of local governments and companies, to which we offer both proven technological solutions and attractive models of investment financing.

Operating in the whole country, we offer services consisting of the management of waste streams as well as the management of municipal and industrial pollution, respecting both the requirements of law and the principles of economic efficiency, applying the sustainable business model. With regard to our crucial goal – environmental protection in Poland, we conduct our activities in a pro-ecological manner, taking into account the opinions of local communities, ensuring decent working conditions for our staff and respecting the principles of occupational safety and health.

Our services are provided on the highest possible level, based on previous experience, knowledge and the latest technological achievements. We are open to discussions with our customers, we answer their needs and recommend the most profitable solutions. This is how we ensure the highest quality of our services, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers. In order to be able to fully control and develop organisational, environmental and work safety aspects, as the ENERIS Resources Group we implement and improve integrated systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

The following are the fundamental values, on which the ENERIS Resources Group bases its current functioning and development:

  • Making all activities compliant with the main objective of achieving environmental protection in Poland
  • Implementation of a strategy aimed at creating a modern, comprehensive waste management system for each customer and in each area of their activity
  • Recovery through processing and re-use of raw materials for the benefit of local authorities, industry and consumers, using the most modern technologies available
  • Implementation of low-carbon technologies with the least impact on air, soil and water conditions
  • Strengthening the position on the market through an increase in the number of customers, continuous improvement of the quality of service, implementation of new services and expansion of business areas
  • Creation of long-term, partner relations with suppliers and cooperation partners of the company in order to achieve mutual benefits
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements or requirements relating to environmental aspects as well as to occupational hazards in the company
  • Prevention of environmental pollution resulting from the company’s activities, especially in the area of comprehensive waste and raw materials management
  • Prevention of injuries and loss of health of workers at work
  • Cooperation with local governments in co-creating legal conditions as well as with all stakeholders in the area of the company’s strategy and the implementation of this Policy.

Involvement, initiative, responsibility and competence of employees, identification with the Group and values that characterise it constitute a guarantee that this Policy is executed. This ensures the right conditions for increasing qualifications and motivation.

The Policy is known to all the employees of the ENERIS Resources Group as well as to those working under the supervision of organisations. It is available to all interested parties, and the responsibility for its content and fulfilment of obligations is assumed by the entire work team.