We believe that it is possible to recover 100% of waste in Poland – in the form of raw materials and energy. We cannot afford the prodigality of depositing raw materials in landfills, which is a wastage for nature and the economy.

An important element supporting the goal of recovering 100% of our waste is education and promoting appropriate attitudes among the inhabitants of our country. We must be aware that environmental responsibility requires us all to change our way of thinking: waste is raw material that we should reuse most efficiently, and each of us should know such concepts as recycling or recovery of raw materials and energy.

Our educational activities are guided by an idea that can be summarised in three words: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

REDUCE – your impact on the environment;
RECYCLE – as much raw material as possible;
REUSE – what can no longer be used as raw material can be still transformed into compost, energy, or heat.

In each of our companies, we provide a range of educational activities, both to our employees (ENERIS Academy) as well as to local communities (Grant Program, Trails of Environmental Education, the competition Environmental Patrols, lessons in schools, educational stands during science picnics, participation in special events, etc.). We invite you to become acquainted with our activities!