“I sort – I do not see obstacles” is the first Polish program, aimed at assisting blind and visually impaired persons in waste sorting.

Until now, this nearly 2 million group of people has been excluded from the sorting of waste, i.e. active and easiest contribution to the environmental protection, because it was not able to identify the color of the waste container subjected to sorting.

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At the request of blind and visually impaired people, who are familiar with the issue of the environmental protection, and in cooperation with them, we developed special stickers allowing to identify the containers for different waste fractions.

Below there is a video with Mr. Wojciech Maj from the “Foundation for Blind and Visually Impaired People VEGA”, who tells about the difficulties encountered by blind people in waste sorting.


From 3 December 2016, they are submitted to people in need for such ease, free of charge. Moreover, not limiting themselves to this action, the Group ENERIS prepared the available website, switched on the top of the page, next to setting the font size. By the end of 2017, our company undertook to train the staff of Customer Service Offices, as well as all drivers and loaders in the field of service for the customer with disabilities (a total of over 600 persons serving 1.1 million inhabitants of Polish cities).

Plakat akcji segreguje nie widze przeszkod

To get the free sticker for easy sorting of waste by blind and visually impaired persons, please contact:

Phone: 801 00 38 38

Mail: ok@eneris.pl





Below you can find waste containers marked with the sticker

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