In Poland, the water supply sector, sewage management sector, waste management sector and reclamation employ more than 135 thousand people. They protect our environment and valuable raw materials every day.

Wystawa zdjęć

ENERIS employs more than one thousand municipal workers – drivers, loaders, employees of sorting plants, waste processing plants. However, they are not called this way. For us they are the Guardians of the Planet.

With a view to changing the image of the municipal service employees, as well as to make the public more aware of the socially crucial role these employees play, last year ENERIS initiated an information campaign titled the Guardians of the Planet. It was accompanied by a premiering film about the employees of ENERIS. It tells a story of the company’s employees’ one day at work, employees from the whole Poland, working at the collection and recycling of waste.

They are among us. People, thanks to whom we have got clean and tidy around the houses, streets, squares and courtyards. Their work is often undervalued and unnoticed. And it should not be!

To mark the jubilee 10th edition of the European Week of Waste Reduction (18-26 November), The Guardians of the Planet exhibition was presented in the Polish Sejm. The event was under the patronage of the Petition Committee of the Sejm.